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Amazing Haze

Purchased from Homegrown Fantasy on the 3rd and 4th July 2007. (so good I went back for more)


A VERY citrus sativa, the smell pretty much jumps out the baggie at you, VERY crystally and smooth to smoke, an uplifting, giggley and cerebral high...

I had been smoking Indica most of the day as that's my normal favourite type of stone, but after a few tokes on this, I felt my sleepy eyes open right up and my brain engaged at warp 9. Great stuff, you could probably solve the worlds problems on this gear!!

I'm giving this a 10, simply because it's the best weed I've ever smoked. I'm not as worldly wise when it comes to smoking as some people here perhaps, but i've tried a fair few things on my last 2 visits and this even changed my mind about sativas!


this was my first smoke. got right off the plane..quick shower at my hotel then took the train in to amsterdam. speed walked directly out of centraal bound and on a navigate myself to hgf and try this amazing haze id heard everyone raving about. got there and was the first customer. asked if the ah was really as good as the hype said. she said yes. si bought a gram of it and some hashish. blunted the amazing haze with a TINY bit of hash. I was blown away. GREAT high. GREAT smell.. GREAT taste. i had only slept 5 hrs total on the plane and was 9 hrs jetlagged but all of a sudden i was energetic. i was grooving to the music they were playing and talking to my friend. it really was a clean and enjoyable uplifting high. but for some reason i was glued to my chair..couchlock?

I didn't find it to be couchlock at all... quite the opposit in fact, a very awake and energetic high, not normally my cuppa tea but this one is great bang for your buck! Maybe the lack of sleep and jetlag was the cause of the c-lock?

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