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Situated round the corner from Grey Area on a quiet canal to the West of Dam Square. Always seems to have a good varied menu when ive been and never been dissappointed by any of their smoke. There are a few seats and tables outside, while sofas line the wall on the left as you walk in with ample cushions to get comfy. The drinks are of a reasonable rate, and the milk-shakes there have to be one of the best in town. All in all quite a good all-rounder.

I'm staying right round the corner from there, i'm thinking that'll be my smokal (local? boom tsccchhhh) ... shall vote on my return

Neldo wrote:
my smokal (local? boom tsccchhhh)

Shame on you, that was truelly shocking!

This place used to be one of the best but they got too big for their boots, the goodies can be very hit & miss, they are one of the most expensive coffeeshops in town and the service is either very slow or stopped, I wouldn't go out of my way to go there again.

I didnt find this one until it had been well discovered by everyone else. The more I have been the more comfortable it feels. I appreciate what Boner is saying they have cashed in on their success and its not the the same time its not that expensive and there is usally a decent selection of weed, although often they list strains they have sold out of. This place is seemingly more busy each time I go.

Have always liked Amnesia. The last two trips we have stayed in apartments with-in 300-400 yards of Amnesia.
Spend many an enjoyable moment there.
Have also leftone bong, one pipe and a grinder there when leaving for home.

Great gear, and a nice place to stay and smoke!


Fine place. . . low key. . . gear good. . .staff good. . .a rcecomended place for the over 40 or young and mellow set. . . easy music. . .not too crowded, , , not pushy. . . great location. . . .my first or seecond stop when I hit town!

Our little party had a great time here. I remember sitting there in a perpetual daze, peep watching. I was offered a hit on the vape,,,but chickened out. The peeps that offered the vape where coughing there lungs out, as I pissed myself laughing at them. Indeed, they were nice, happy and very very high folk.
I really liked the whole vibe of the place. In fact, I'd go so far as to say,,it was my favourite coffeeshop. Couldn't comment on the weed and hash,,as I was 3 sheets to the wind,,,but it was such a cool, calm and collective atmosphere.

I think I could live there!

i always smoke here but usually dont buy much. Their gear in my experience has been good, but i usually just rent a roor, buy a shake and smoke weed from grey area. nice tables, nice view. definetly would go again.

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