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Apartment Or Rooms

Hey guys!

im off to amsterdam in june with one of the other memebers on here and we are looking to stay in the same place.

The place i usually stay in has offerd me it for 50euros a night per person which i think is a bit steep.

I know some of you guys stay in apartments or houseboats etc when you go over and was wondering if anyone had any links or contacts for apartments not too far from the centrum i dont mind it being quite far but would rather stay in amsterdam than harlaam or a nearby city.

Many Thanks in advance for any help

Matt aka smoker moby!

I dont actually think 50 a night is a lot of money for (I'm guessing) a hotel room in peak season?

Peak Season

Hey boner thanks alot for them links.

I have just realised that the prices will be higher as is going to be peak season    

I think we will just go for the one my friend has offerd me.

Thanks again

p.s i like your motto on live!

if your going with a fre friends or something try bed and breakfast downtown. 100 euro a night and we split it three ways. had 3 beds, couch, pc with internet,dvd player, like 40 dvd's, kitchen, normal size bathroom by european standards and a nice back garden area to smoke.

Re: Peak Season

smoker_moby wrote:
p.s i like your motto on live!

Yeah the bastards banned me for 48 hours so I thought I'd be a bit sarcastic, next time you see me on Live chuck me a msg and I'll invite you into our room, we have a riot and we normally win (I moan for queen & country though so beware).

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