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Favorite Hash

What is your favorite type of hash

crystal clear from katsu

my bad, i was trying to add the poll....

i was more or less meaning overall what type of hash do you enjoy the most...

so crystal clear would be ice hash i guess..

Temple Balls for me, I could literally light a piece of it and just enjoy the smell it gives off, lovely stuff.

I Voted temple balls because thats my fave hash listed, but my fave overall hash is jelly hash from bushdoctor.

Gotta be Temple Balls all the way - no contest! Hey, if this were a boxing match then the Ref would have stopped it by now, if the bookies were doing odds they'd stop taking bets on temple Balls - in fact they'd open up a whole new book - "Best hash other than Temple Balls".

Sorry for the rant guys - recently got back from the Dam and on this trip, just like my last few since i discovered Temple Balls, the weed has been Nepalesed!
travelling high

I voted Red leb.Me and Dave from Nes smoked that rocked me but good

NTB, yummy!

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