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Green Place

I am intrigued by the repeated reports about Green Place C/S having some of the better goods in Amsterdam these days.

I've walked by that place a hundred times, as I'm sure many of you have, but it never popped out to me, so I never went in.

Anyone been there?

I've been and I wasn't overly impressed.

I asked what the best was and was told "everything" so I had a little look at a few items, the Lemon Skunk didn't smell very fruity compared to the LS I've had from Grey Area so I passed on that, something else was just very small buds but the smell from the Maple Syrup (€12 a gram) smelt amazing so I grabbed a gram of that and a gram of the best hash they had Hia €10 a gram, the hash wasn't worth the money and to be honest the €7 a gram polm I had from Basjoes was loads better, the weed wasn't dried properly and had to be left out overnight - fair enough it was fruity almost sugery flavour wise and it had some strength but again it wasn't worth the money, I didn't stop as they had dance music on way too loud for my liking.

I seem to be one of the only people with a bad experiance though?

Rant over.

Where abouts is this one....not sure I recognise it??

Duh!  Should have thought...

I recognise the door now.  I think I fancied going there when passing, for some reason I don't recall if I did or if I didn't

Green Place between  Basjoe and Hill St,closer to Hill St. Just walk  on down the gracht .Their Master Kush was our #1 smoke of last June and at 2/15 or 5/35 among the  best priced   . So much so ,we bought them out I think . As after 10 daze of buzzin the provinces when we got back to AMS they were out ...Had a different experience with  service and vibe than Boner .Found the shop friendly ,dealers attentive,and music on the mellow side.
This WAS before 7/1 though...didn't sample their Hash though,and overall found the hash not as good . as weed that trip

I never heard of them until this summer, now it seems to be the rage,
reckon I'll find out during the Cup.  

im in the same boat as you bigrigrob,, haha i have been checking out amsterdam and visiting as often as possible, and i really never read much online about it, and walking by i was never drawed into it.

since a few months ago, it seems to be in almost everyones trip reports and mostly good things...

i definetely see how things go wrong for you as well boner... even grey area or some of the other top places have had the bad experiences with me over time.. for instance on my last trip to grey area, the chocolope was not on par, the kushage wasnt flushed properly, making it not burn properly and i got something else which didnt stand out much either,... however the golden soles was lovely!! needless to say after all that, i have always had great experiences on past trips to grey area before this.  maybe you made your purchases at the wrong timing, was it before they started to really make some kind of connection to get the name brand chronic??

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