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Warmoesstraat 53-55
1012 HW Amsterdam

Another smoking hole in the heart of the tourist zone BUT a good one. The Greenhouse Effect offers both a coffee shop and smoker friendly bar right next door. The coffee shop is quite small but having you can take your smokes next door where there is plenty of seating. The bar offers live music events and DJ's on occassion.

Grab the window seat in the coffee shop to watch the new arrivals pass by.

GHE can also provide excellent accomodation either in the hotel over the bar or at one of its many apartments dotted around.

I agree. on of the best in the RLD. Bought some NYC Haze a couple of times from here and it was a very good smoke. Also the Northern Lights at 50euros for 8.5g is one of the best deals ive seen/had. Not many places sell decent N Lights anymore IMO, but this place certainly does. Bought T Ball from here too, im afraid it wasn't the same as Stix or WW. but a fair price none the less. 11per g, or 50euros for 7g. . Staff have always been a good laugh and aren't pushy in the slightest. Rather handy have a Bar next door too, if you fancy a pint.

First place we ever stayed and first coffeeshop visited, both great - agree on the c/shop being quite small and was usually quite busy when we were in but the bar is great for a drink and a wee smoke. Hotel side, we found it clean and comfortable and lots of coffeeshops practically within spitting distance i like this place!

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