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Grey Area Coffeeshop


To me this shop is a major staple of the amsterdam coffeeshop circuit. Some say that americans dig this shop because its run by americans. Sure maybe some insecure tourists who can't interact with different people probably could prove that. But that ain't all of us! The reason why I like the Grey Area obviously isn't the amount of space inside Its the quality of the herb. If any "american" link can be made its this: The Grey Area sells weed thats similar to top end product in america. By similar I mean its potent, cured and hence flavorful. I know that its not the "perfect mecca" and they certainly do their share of playing the "name game" with strains but again its about the quality for me. Furthermore, if a "first timer" asked me where to buy from I'd tell him that the Grey Area smoke is probably the most "sure bet out of the commercial shops in the city center"! Not saying that other shops don't have as good or better of product, just saying that grey area product CONSISTENTLY is a cut above the majority of shops in the center.

I do love the weed but the space is so tight I dont often visit. I like to know I can sit down after a stroll. Did I mention I love the weed?

I'm going to give them 10, the weed has always been very good, the Golden Soles is very tasty, I love the size of the shop if theres space I'll stop and have a smoke with a coke (the coffee is awful) if its busy I'll just do a 'buy & fly' and the staff have always been nice to me yes including Steve.

One of my fav c/shops too. Weed is always top banana, i like the Kif they have aswell. John is always very polite and always seems to be happy to serve ya no matter who you are. Always seem to get a seat for 20-30 mins and have a joint an a drink despite the lack of room.

Some of the best smoke year after year.

I'll vote a 9 with 1 point off due to limited seating.

Gave it a 9 . Always ger some Grey Area Crystal as one of my first purchases when I arrive.

sonicblue wrote:
Some of the best smoke year after year.

I'll vote a 9 with 1 point off due to limited seating.

I'm with you on that, I deducted 1 point for lack of space aswell ...

I think we missed this one. Dang lol being stoned its easy to not hit them all.. lol I must have been stoned when I wrote this one. I have been to the grey area.. I think it was home grown fantasy we missed.

grey area is top knotch. they have great gear..their shop is to small though.
Bhang Buddie

Again, like many people, it's just the lack of sit down room with the GA, always an excellent menu and for me (when they've got it) it's got to be GS.

been there once. bought two of the best smokes of my 420 trip there. 9 from me!

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