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Hill Street Blues at the market
Nieuwmarkt 14

One of my favourite places to chill out! A sister site to the Warmoesstraat coffee shop this place has a bright and modern decor to contrast the dark dingy (in a good way) atmos of its sibling. Cushioned seating is always appreciated and big windows at the back make it great for sunny days. There is also a small amount of seating outside. At the bud counter the wares are on display for all to see in clear plastic tubs behind glass. Hill Street often offer strains you wont find elsewhere and yes of course the Special is available here too. Staff are mostly Brits and are happy to chat during quiet periods, a perfect place for an early morning coffee.

Checked out this shop a couple times in November 07 ,based on Redeyes recomendation . Found it a nice stop . Had the House Special at 7 I believe ,which was good for the price... Was very busy one night ,but cheery , and comfy enough to stay an hour or so  ...some Dutch speakers playing some sort of board game  sprawled all over most of the large area in the back ...yet accomodating to those who needed past /through, a few Italian babes joined us at a back table,de Vrouw helped them roll their joint .... kind of an adult converstational vibe rather than a "lets see how stoned we can get and giggle alot" place ...Music was to my tastes ...a whole album side worth of Early Stones - some of the better Abba stuff,Hendrix...location is primo,NieuwMarket Square ,being my favorite of the Major Pleins in the city ...good call Redeye....

IM confused on the numbers part.  I voted 3 thinking that waas a high score but obviously red voted 8 for the same reason.  so are the lower numbers better or worst?

I like this place too, again for many reasons already stated.
Its light and airy, the staff are friendly and the Hill Street Special is really a good good smoke.
Im staying at the Nieuwmarkt in May, and can see myself going in here quite alot.

Maybe I was just in  bitchy mood the day I went in there,,,cause I wasn't impressed at all. The budtender was really nice,,,but the smoke was definately subpar.

But I'm willing to give 'em another go on my next trip.

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