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HILL STREET BLUES - Warmoesstraat

Warmoesstraat 52a
1012 JG Amsterdam

Open Daily:

A true sight to see the decor is customer derived as the walls are covered in grafitti. When the alcohol/cannabis laws came in we were lucky this place chose to keep the green and white flag flying. A typical bar style layout runs way back from the main entrance with comfy sofa's and a canal view right at the back. Very friendly staff and often friendly locals this is one of those shops you can sit in all day and not feel the need to move on. The weed menu is good and the Hill Street Special is very good value for money, not the best in the world but reliable.

Good sized place so handy for groups, we went in before the alcohol ban and we honestly thought this place would go for the booze as it seemed like much more of a bar, but it didn't - can't really comment on weed, my friend bought something from there, I'm sure it was quite nice though, white widow maybe... but they do outstanding milkshakes in a good sized glass, not like the tiny drinks in some places and a pretty good toastie, staff have always been very friendly too.

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