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I like this place. Alot. Small menu but what it lacks in variety it makes up for with wonderful product. All bio, no hydro weed can be found here. The staff are very friendly. I read somewhere lately that someone found it to be the "420 version of the Friends cafe", I would agree with this statement, it's very bright and airy, well decorated with artwork and the blacklight in the toilet is quite smart!

I'm going to give this 9/10, I love everything here, from the products to the overall layout and airyness of the shop, it's also quite nice to have a seat outside when it's warm. Point deducted for the limited menu.

i love this place. never had a bad smoke there. nice and airy and they play a variety of great music. great place to start your day in amsterdam in my opinion.

It was hard to rate this place, I honestly cant find anything wrong with it. Good weed nice decor and seats out doors... for some reason I have never been back after the first time. Maybe I'll sort that next trip...until then 7

       Virtual 'Dam Forum Index -> Coffeeshop & Cannabis Reviews / Coffeeshop Menus photos
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