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Is Amsterdam Losing it's Touch ??

Saw this on Channels
After smoking some California weed in last few months and seeing variety on Medicinal menus makes me wonder, especially about experimenting with crossing, etc.
Has California taken the lead?
Bhang Buddie

Re: Is Amsterdam Losing it's Touch ??

Shit man....................ok, story - went to Kloggie-Land in '07-'08 (and many years before) - I can never remember which, ok ? - and stayed at WWW's in Haarlem, brilliant, far out and lovely. Went to the 'Dam and checked out this 'Cup' thing, they wanted about 30 or 50 or 75 euro (money) to get in the 'festi' bit and my thought was - I can get the nicest grass and hash in the West if I find a local Coffee Shop and get my face on backwards, so the money I saved I spent in the 'Dam and Haarlem CS and met a load of peeps @ 4:20.
It's nice to meet up with peeps, it's nice that peeps want to grow excellent shit to 'serve' to peeps and Coffee Shops are an integral part of toking, yeah the 'CC' is the usual bullshit, but what the f@ck, if we're gonna toke then lets have fun while we do it, let's grow the best that we can (which every one should do) and have fun judging it - lets go get stoned   anywhere in the world we can

Oh yes, Willie Wortals was excellent - bom Siva
Bhang Buddie

Nice to see you MrT   my laydeez is doin' kuil  

So you didn't actually read the article??  

Hmmm... Sometimes I wonder what people really expect from Amsterdam.  For me I have always been able to buy good weed that's clean and powerful enough....I cant say I have ever gone to the Dam and not been wasted...which surely is the objective.

Maybe I am off the hip scene but to me good weed is good weed it doesn't matter really who's is the best and absolute strongest.

I also like the atmosphere and coffee shop scene in Holland.  I don't know what it is like in California but I don't think the USA in general is quite ready for a couple of hundred coffeshops opening up every day to sell pot and IMO that's why people go to Amsterdam.

If I could go out on a Friday night and smoke decent pot in coffeeshops in my town I don't suppose I would fly to Amsterdam to do it either.

I must agree that I am having a rethink of Amsterdam for all the wrong reasons perhaps.  Certainly no difficulty in finding travel companions, any smoker I know would love to go since few have been. When I first discovered Amsterdam it was very much a novelty, Disneyland for adults. But like Disneyland after 8 or 9 visits its lost a bit of luster for me I regret to say. Locally I find incredible quality gear which is equal to almost anything in Amsterdam, usually at the same or lesser price. The selection changes often and I find its not hard to have 2 or 3 different strains on hand at any given time. My contacts often call me with the latest offering before I need any but they are on my speed dial list as well and always make home deliveries within a day. Add in my own personal pub where anything goes, a volcano on the bar, smoke what you wish, the kitchen is always open, and you can watch anything you want as loud as you wish anytime at all. Somehow the idea of a 9 hour flight costing over $1K with $200 a day for accommodations makes it hard to justify a visit to a country where the primary objective is just to get high. No question the atmosphere of the endless list of coffeeshops and the glitz of the RLD are fun, but after a few trips it does get a bit boring IMO. Its still heavenly but not what it once was for me.

So when you gonna invite us up to see this pub of yours?
Nice to know your still alive ( like I've got room to talk )

Hey the invite is open anytime you want to come to Canada. The scenery is outstanding, the beer is cold, and the girls are hot.  

Unless you ski you may wish to postpone until spring or summer but rest assured a warm welcome awaits.  Anytime!

A good reason to visit the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics too. The finest bud should be in plentiful supply. We get daily torch relay updates, the torch looks like a poorly rolled spliff.  

I guess it is very different for us as it is so close...and cheap to get there.

What I like about Amsterdam and the Netherlands is that you can do what you got to do, like a normal human being. What is that I smell? It is the scent of liberty--of respect for others way of living. You don't have to hide. We can find weed elsewhere, but tolerance and respect are in short supply. Give me a sunny spot at Dutch Flowers or the friendliness of Basjoe's or the intimacy of Tweede Kamer!

Ahh, Tweede Kamer, my favorite shop from last April.
Only a short distance from our apartment and the first c.s. my daughter was ever in.

Nice to see you Optimo

Yeah three cheers for liberty! hup hup....

As I've stated on every other forum I've posted this on, I did not post this to start a war between countries.
Am just curious to see how people feel about this.
I have been smoking California MMJ the last few months and I have to admit there is a very large variety of smoke and it is as good as any thing I have smoked in Amsterdam.
If marijuana ever gets legalized here in the states I can see it becoming a very relaxed atmosphere in some places, just as Optimo describes, specifically in places like California where there is already a very layed back vibe, but this will take time.
( I may be in my grave by then but ..... )

Theres a war on?  


I think it will always be a fun trip to the Netherlands but considering the total cost to visit there from the states it may be more cost effective in the future to stay close to home . My state Rhode Island will soon have its first shop and from what I see of the California shops and dont forget those in  Colorado , having that availability of shops is  like owning a cow and your addicted to Milk .Dont forget here , so far you do need an Medical Card .
Will I visit Holland in the future ,I probably will . Then again Colorado is only 2,000 miles away and they will accept my card from my state in their shops. Decisions  \ Decisions

Dr. Jim sez

When I first discovered Amsterdam it was very much a novelty, Disneyland for adults. But like Disneyland after 8 or 9 visits its lost a bit of luster for me I regret to say.

+1, Dr. Jim.

For me, there are no more surprises to be found.  No kidding, I have been in most of the coffeeshops that are worthy, and I stopped seeing how high I could get two trips ago.  

The novelty of being able to go from shop to shop and sample the gear, for first-second-third timers is impossible to describe until one has experienced it.  But I have now been 17 times (yep), and frankly I'm a little tired of it.

I ain't braggin', but -

1. I don't need a map, anywhere. Even way out past the usual tourist spots.
2. I give directions routinely.
3. I can get anywhere I want to go without even thinking about it for the most part.
4. I have run out of places to explore.
5. etc etc etc

A big part of it is being in love with the SPIRIT of the place, but folks, I need to branch out.  My eyes are turned east.  Prague and Krakow will be my next targets.  I might even go to Krakow first. Don't really care about the weed scene, I just want to discover the city and what it has to offer.  

I'm fine with Czech beer, really :-)  If someone offers a puff, I'll take it.

Don't know about Polish beer, but I'll bet I can find something worthy.

Disclaimer: the next section of my dissertation is not a lecture, and is not directed to anyone in particular :-)

If you are merely wandering around a small limited area, seeing how high you can get, you are really missing a lot of what the Dam has to offer.  Don't be afraid, get the hell out there and see what's up.

Try this: get some of the finest weed you can find (shouldn't be too hard, it is Amsterdam after all), put on a nice little two toke buzz with your coffee in the morning, and get out one of those guide books and take one of the recommended walks.  That's what I have done, time and time again.

IOW, I have lately used the fine weed to enhance a discovery process, rather seeing how high I can get.  That's how I roll the last year or so (except when I torched DH with the iceoloator laced Cheese joint outside of 420, sorry dude, but I might let my hair down on April 20th just for old time's sake :-).  

But that's just me, YMMV, and I offer this merely as an alternative Amsterdam experience.  Hell, when you're done sightseeing, get fucking torched.  It's not like ole Lafester hasn't done it plenty of times.

I do understand the 'get as high as you can get' mentality, though.  Particularly since I did it so much.  My mate and I were sitting at Bushdoctor on Thorbeckplein last year about this time and the budtender said 'hey man, why do you Americans get so fucking high over here?'.

I replied "it's like starving people found a smorgasbord".  He said, "well that makes sense now".

DoctorJim wrote:
Hey the invite is open anytime you want to come to Canada. The scenery is outstanding, the beer is cold, and the girls are hot.

Is that an open invite?, I plan to visit Vansterdam soon. (well.... with in a year)  And I like cold beer!  

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