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Just a list of stuff I smoked

It all got me really good and high, and the list is in no particular order, missing quite a bit, and subject to revision.

1/2 gram of the most expensive resin, and Super Polm pre-rolled from Resin Coffeeshop
The resin got me high, and dissolved in coffee.  This was the best prerolled that I smoked on the trip.  I found it a quirky little shop with great tunes and a good selection.  It might grow on me, given time.

Alladin's Chocolate from Popeye's, many grams
This delivered, srsly, and I had high expectations.  I talked briefly to the shop owner, who claimed he gets it special and that the growers keep most of it for themselves.

Top end selection from Greenhouse on Haarlemerstraat
All good, but most of the names rubbed off the bags.  The shaved-head budtender and I had some huge laughs while he weighed it out for me.

Blueberry and Old Church Special from Old Church, about 1 g of each
The Blueberry had an incredibly rich flavor, and twice the potency of other Blueberry I've had.  The Special was merely very good.

Lemon Skunk 2g, Cannalope 2g, Sour Diesel 2g, Chocolope 1g, Golden Soles 2g, and Grey Haze 2g, (approx.) from Grey Area on 2 visits
Listed in descending order of flavor.  I asked for the tastiest stuff at nearly every shop, and Grey Area had the tastiest around.  The first visit there has a place in another tale.

Super Silver Haze prerolled and 50 chunk of the finest Rifman (whatever it was called...) from Dampkring
I found both quite good and strong, and the hash was easy to manipulate.  I found that I liked the softer hashes better.

Super Afghani from ???

Super Polm from somewhere and maybe somewhere else, also
All good

Nepal Something and Some Other Hash from Abraxas and a space brownie
I like nice soft dark hash, as well, and these tasted and worked very well.  I ate the brownie at Schipol security, and had a very relaxed trip home.

Hunter's Special 5 g, from Hunter's Bar
Good value, effective, and hard as a brick

thanks for sharing priapos!

i ate two of the brownies from abraxas on my first trip ever to amsterdam.... didnt do much for me... waited about an hour and smoked 2 joints.. still not much extra other than the high i had from the 2 joints... then ate a hash milkshake.. back when they still made them... hmmmm banana hash milkshake,,, so tasty..

unfortunately i still didnt get much of a buzz from the edibles.. i get some great edibles back at home and am really used to the buzz i get from quality cannabis treats.... but for some reason in amsterdam i just cant catch a buzz from the edibles... maybe i smoke to much, maybe the treats arent strong enough there.. i dunno... just wish someone, somewhere in amsterdam made edibles strong and potent,, and available to the stoners who need a bit stronger stuff.. im sure they are around,.. just not in any coffeeshop i have been too..

also how did you like the new greenhouse on haarlemerstraat? i seemed to like it the most of all the greenhouses thats for sure,, and it seems to be taking quite the liking by many? curious as to your thoughts on this one..


I didn't hang out long at Greenhouse H-str., but only because I had places to go at the time.  I will likely go back, though.

Cheese -- I think the treats in A'dam just aren't strong enough.  The hash bon-bons at Chocolata/Abraxas had 0.2g apiece when we ate them.  Because we ate them with a weed brownie, they had a little extra zap, but the hash treats I treat myself to usually have between 0.4 and 0.5g.

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