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Bhang Buddie

Kashmiri Lounge

For me this has got to be well worth the tram ride, it's out of the centre and away from the crowds. A nice laid back cs that has a consistant menu, if not (at times) brilliant. To sit back, kick of off the shoes and sit with a pipe, a beer or a coffee can only be the the high(t) of luxury. I've always found that they're knowledgeable about what they have and friendly to boot. Always willing to serve you at table, if they can see you in the low light

During the day it's always calm, cool and collected. It can be a tad hectic in the later hours though.

I love taking my bicycle out to Kashmir Lounge. They have recently stopped selling weed and are now a smoker friendly bar. They are either selling weed out of Jan Piet coffeeshop across the street or another rumor was that there is a kashmir coffeeshop across the street now...

Anyway the lounge space is very nice. I love the cave like feeling of the place and they used to have a very reasonably priced hash menu! the jelly here was 18 euro per gram
Bhang Buddie

It must be nice to take a bike to a cs Koopa, I wouldn't say I'm however, 'sick as a pig' is close..... Bom Shiva.

You say that they are now 'smoker friendly', does this mean that tobac smoking is cool there or they only sell hasj ?

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