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La Canna

ok this will open up a can of worms. My first trip to the damn I was treated great in this shop but we were females only so the men tended to attend to us. The 2nd time with DH had trouble getting service and never stayed in there at all. so I have to go low now on my opinion

Heheh I have been here the first time I went to Amsterdam. It was just myself and the girlfriend as we broke away from the main group.

It wasnt THAT bad but simply had no atmosphere at all. The drinks were very expensive but I cant remember how much (back in the days of the guilder), staff were emotionless and you have to pay for the toilet I think!?!?!?

Best left for the uninformed I think. Only thing I cant knock it for is its weed...'cos I never bought any here, thats why

One of the worst imo, everything too expensive, the weed and hash were only ok, you have to pay to use the toilets even if you've just spent 50+ and they were a disgusting mess.

Terrible shop! i had the misfortune of going there in July 06. The beer was expensive and crap. my mate bought 20e worth of summat - that was crap too. The music was too loud and the people working there were a bunch of tossers. I hate this place.

When I first went to Amsterdam I would always call in to La Canna, big and spacious, pool tables, and decent food.. I used to sit upstairs at the front window looking down into the street below.  

If Im honest I never really knew much about weed back then...but over the years I noticed they where selling below average smoke.

Last time I was in La Canna there was 5 of us, we were ordering some food when the wee mate asked for toast on its own (he was feeling rough), the guy wouldnt do it for him and was acting a maggot so we paid the money for our drinks and cancelled the food order.  The bouncers didnt take kindly to this and tried to bully us into paying for food we never even had!!!

Put me off it for life, there are other places I would rather spend my cash!!!! Without aggresive bouncers on the door!!!

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Bhang Buddie

La Canna - what's the score, 10 high, 0 low or wot, why not put 'crap' or 'just-above-not-crap'.....come on man, there're better than LaCanna (worms)   luv it cat, LaCannaWorms             oh yeah, just had a pipe - bom Shiva
Bhang Buddie

Re: La Canna

cattales1960 wrote:
....LaCannaworms...can of worms......

sorry cat                  blown away      shit, sorry    (  )    

Never been in the shop it's just opposite the 420 but it does not look inviting.

Last time I was in amsterdam it was closed. Probably no business.

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