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Steve L

May 2007 Trip (fully updated)

will post what I tried this trip now and come back and add comments later as I am pushed for time.

I have included a few strains from my previous trips and a word or two on some of the coffee shops as well.

The usual disclaimer: I am not, nor am I claiming to be a cannabis connoisseur. I am a moderate smoker, smoking only 2 to 3 days a week except when in Holland I like all kinds of weed, but prefer the darker hashes. If anyone has a different opinion or more to add to what I have written please post in this thread so others can get a well balanced view when deciding what to try.

Grey Area
Very small shop, not much seating, gets very busy. John the dealer is an extremely friendly and knowledgeable guy who sells some of the finest, strongest weed in Holland. My only gripe with this place is when it is busy and you are waiting in the queue to be served some of the customers seem to want to stand and discuss the genetics etc of every single item on the menu. It can take ages to get served if you have a few of these types in front of you.

Chocoloupe 5g 62.50 Still one of my all time favorites, I love everything about this weed with the exception of the price, but I donít mind paying for quality. The sweet smell and taste of this weed is superb and it hits you like a sledgehammer, I found it very trippy stuff.

Grey Berry 5g 47.50
Another one I rate highly, pretty reasonably priced for what it is, great taste and nice high, not as potent as the Chocoloupe, I find I can still function in a fashion on this weed.

WW Indica (25% extra free on 50 euro deals not inc in price)
Probably my favorite shop of all. Smallest of the Willi Wortel shops, it would still be considered fairly roomy by Amsterdam standards. Very friendly and knowledgeable dealers, the locals are a friendly bunch as well making for a great atmosphere. Comfortable train type seats and a good selection on the menu (from memory around 12 weeds and 10 hashes) make this a great spot to blaze the night away. They have a pool table too if thatís your thing and there is an excellent apartment upstairs to stay in.

Afghani 5/g A cheap dark hash, nothing spectacular, not overpowering, but a good relaxing smoke for day time smoking when you have things to do. Not as oily as some afghani I have had, which is a good thing in my opinion as sometimes I think the really squidgy stuff has been adulterated and makes me feel a bit sick.

Lebanese 7/g I really liked this stuff, a good clean taste and a fairly strong stone for your money. Hits the mind more than the body, but is not overpowering. Kind of like a dark and light hash cross breed if you know what I mean. Great value as well.

Temple ball 10/g My favorite hash in Holland, extremely good value. Tastes beautiful, sort of an exotic spicy taste and smell to it. A very unique stone as well, relaxes the body but stimulates the mind, excellent in smaller quantities during the day and for getting completely wasted on at night. If you havenít tried it yet, make sure you do soon.

Nederskuf 8/g? Aside from the novelty effect of having a hash you can crumble into powder with no heat required, this is a nice daytime smoke with a very clear, but not overpowering head high. It wears off fairly quickly as well, a good choice if you donít want to get too stoned or suffer from paranoia.

Kashmir Maroc 11/g This is a dark squidgy hash, so squidgy that you canít roll it into sausages like temple ball as it just sticks to your fingers. Has a similar taste to temple ball, but is not so spicy and very smooth to take. Nice high with the focus being on the body stone, worth trying for a change though the Temple Ball is cheaper and better IMHO.

T'bliza 8/g I am not a great fan of the light hashes, but this one is one of the best I have tried. My friend, who lives in Holland swears by this stuff, he reckons that for the price you will not find better anywhere. A good clean taste and high, perfect for smoking when you have things to do.

Sticky Fingers 8/g I only tried a gram of this and was pretty stoned already when I had it, looked and tasted great, but I canít really comment on the high as I was already chocolouped.

Laughing Budda 12/g Just guessing on this price, canít remember to be honest. A strong spicy taste, almost hash like, with a strong heavy stone. Not couch locked but definitely body stoned and fairly trippy as well, recommended.

Strong Indica Dutch name beginning with G 10/g?? Apologies for not remembering the name, perhaps Mile High can enlighten me. Strong body stone, extremely relaxing, (think falling asleep), a great one to finish the night off with. Just make sure you donít have too far to get to your bed!

WW Sensimelia (25% extra free on 50 euro deals not inc in price)
This is probably the biggest and roomiest Coffee Shop I have been in, they have two pool tables and very comfy first class train carriage seating. Itís a bit of a trek to get to (we got lost on the first three attempts  ) , but well worth a visit. It seems more of a locals shop people seemed a bit guarded at first, but everyone seemed friendly enough once they realized we werenít like some loud ignorant tourists that must occasionally frequent there.

Off to work nightshift now, I will post more when I have time

Afghani 4.5/g Same as in WW Indica above, just a little cheaper.

WW Sativa (25% extra free on 50 euro deals not inc in price)
Chronic 7.5/g
Jack Herrer 8/g

Barneys weed and hash are expensive, possibly overpriced, but at the same time most of it is very good.
Helter skelter 66/3g?? Not 100% sure on the price, but it was somewhere around 66 euros. I really like this stuff, more than the even more expensive Barney Rubble. Tastes great and gives a very intense head high, only problem I have with it it that it is so sticky and hard to handle.

G13 14/g This stuff is a really good smoke, but I think there is plenty more around just as good for less money.

I like Hunters, it always seems to have a good atmosphere in here, not quite as good as it was when you could have a beer with your spliff, but still well worth a visit.
Lavender Haze 52/5g After hearing some good things about this stuff I have to say I was pretty disappointed with it. Smelt and tasted great, but not a very intense high at all, pretty lame really. Not sure wether I just got some of a poor batch or something.

Pink Floyd
I have only ever been as far as the dealer counter in here, looks like a good sized place though. Always seems to be plenty people in here, VERY competitive prices here too.

Jack Herrer 32.50/5g A very good weed at a very nice price. Don't be smoking this stuff if you have things to do, this stuff causes severe couch lock. Felt to me as though the effects of gravity had at least tripled, an excellent end of the night smoke.

NYCD 42.50/5g A favorite of mine, I love the taste and effects of this stuff, its not the most intense high, but for me its a perfect through the day smoke.

420 Cafe
420 has probably lost out more than most with the smoke/alcohol changes in the law. Just seems to be missing that atmosphere now there is no alcohol there. Never seems as busy as it used to be, but still well worth a visit as the weed here is always good and at reasonable prices. You can now smoke in the bar next door to 420, which is what I did on my last trip.
NYCD 50/5g This was more expensive than the Pink Floyd stuff, but it was a nicer weed, having a stronger taste, smell and effect. I usually head straight to 420 for their NYCD as soon as I get into Amsterdam.

Blue Berry 32.50/5g A good tasty smoke at a great price, tastes beautiful through the vaporiser too!

Re: May 2007 Trip (Partially updated)

Steve L

That looks familiar

Great Trip report there, made for a good read.
Steve L

Thanks Axe,
that lot might even take you at least a morning to smoke your way through

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