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Ah Rifman.
I had some Rifman Nouza at Pink Floyd in May, and it was the only smoke of the five day trip that really knocked me for six. This soft, gooey hash was easily moulded, and smelt sweet. I smoked it in a joint, and the chocolatey taste was evident through the tobacco.
So far, i've only had the Nouza, has anyone else had any?

The only Rifman i have bought (and ive bought it twice) is the Rifman Nouzha like yourself. Soft and pliable and very very nice effects. I'll be buying some more when i return next month.

im assuming the 1-10 is a rating system for his hashes??

1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest??

i have tried all the different rifman hashes available when i was in amsterdam.. and i found them all quite different.. was there a specific one u were interested in? or just them all overall...

anyway i enjoy his hashes, and my fav so far is prolly the Noor...


I left it open ended deliberately, so that, if desired, a preference could be expressed.

what is the diffrence between rifman hash and other hashes? heard nothing but good things so maybe I should check some out.


i bought some rifman laila (sp?) at pink floyd. good smoke. nice relaxing high for me. would buy it again.

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