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Warmoesstraat 73
1012 HX Amsterdam

Open Daily:

A place I had avoided for some reason until my last visit...dont know why as its a nice place. The menu offered a nice silver haze and AK48 and a cosy little seating area at the back by the bud bar which was tended by the owner. A friendly guy. A Pink Floyd 'rockumentary' was on the tv/stereo and all was complete. Pity about the seats however which were hard and made me fidgety after a while. I belive edibles are on offer but I have not tried them to pass comment.

I Like Bar Sheeba. Its been one of my fav haunts in the RLD for many a year. I usually pop in about midnight for a final smoke/hot-chocolate before i call it a night. Had some wicked AK47 there in the past, and the Sheeba Special light hash was one of my favs on my trip in November. The staff are pretty cool (3 lasses) and usually serve you with a smile. The guy who sells weed at the back is sound too. I agree about the seats being rock hard though, good for up to half hour before your ass starts to ache a bit.

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