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A cozy little shop with a scenic view. This shop reminds me of your local artsy little coffee shop over here in the States, NOT Starbucks. Friendly service, top notch coffee, cool art on the wall and good music in the background. This is the kind of place you could sit for a while and read a book.

The weed is displayed under dark glass at the counter. Push a button to see the gear. I've sampled four strains and one polm when I was there in June 2006; Red Bud, Outdoor Purple Skunk, Mighty Whitey and Edelweiss. The Outdoor Purple Skunk being my favorite. The polm was good, but the high was short lived. My only complaint is that some of the strains were a touch dry, and the weed is pre-weighed.

Overall a great shop just on the periphery of the tourist centre. I've heard they have open mic and DJs at nite too.

Siberie offers the same menu as de Republiek and de Supermarkt. A few of the original 420 crew made it to de Republiek two years ago. I have not been to de Supermarkt. I like Siberie as well, a short distance from the booming Haarlemerstraat area as well as literally around the the corner from one of the Rokerij establishments. Just a bit south is Amnesia, then Grey Area.

You can get bloody well mashed within a few hundred meters in that area of town :-)

Plus, the closer you get to Jordaan the fewer loud tourists you encounter. Spend some time walking Brouwersgracht, it's a beautiful canal.

Siberie normally has something nice on the menu. I have gotten gear a few times that wasn't special, but other times it was a different story. I do recall getting my first ever NYCD from Siberie - it was stunning.

Yes, you could definitely stay for a while and read in Siberie. It's a worthy stop IMO.

Decent enough place, lovely location and the goodies are pretty good.

I liked it here...considering the place was rammed when we went in (raining outside) the staff were very friendly.

We were stuck without seats and had to hover round the bar until a table became free, we were not made to feel uncomfortable crowding them like that.

A top 5 AMS shop for us. Primo location,friendly staff,comfy seating,great cuppa Joe,
and for the last 3 visits their low priced -4.50/g - Outdoor Purple has been among our favorite smokes of trip. Used to have some nice freebies as well -buttons,matches etc.

great little shop, got a pre-roll for 4.50 while i built a doob of nycd. was thinkin the pre-roll was a creeper so blazed the nycd. absolutely twatted, i was so impressed i got another 7g to send home. lets wait for the postie

Katsu and Siberie are in my top 5. I will agree with b2td that the pre-rolls from Siberie def. give you that creeper buzz effect, and the nycd is mighty fine and smokes very nice. The staff are always nice and the place just has a nice feel to it. The crystal clear ice-o-lator at Katsu last week as well as the Kushage was still as good as it was last April. Mmmmmm did that sound a buzz.... looks funnny to me but well, ya'll get the jist, right? LOL

great weed. nice bud tender, but i encountered the only rude dutch person i have met there. the budtender asked my dad and I where we were from. I said america and this lady cames out of left field and procedes to give her oppinion on my country, an opinion i didn't ask for. The bud tender hinted she was a bit wacko.


Siberie sometimes has additional types of weed that the other four shops ( do not get. I like the view of canalhuizen, passing boats and people.

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