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The Demise of Sensi Coffeeshop

I understand the Sensi Coffeeshop is no more.  It's another outlet for Sensi Seeds now, which is unfortunate, since the main outlet for Sensi Seeds is 10 seconds away from the former coffeeshop.

I've smoked more frequently at Sensi Coffeeshop than any other in The Netherlands.  It didn't sell weed, so you didn't have any odd feeling about smoking stash from another shop.  Its location is amazing.  The outside smoking area was very cool.  And Mrs. C.J. liked the cappucino.

Homegrown Fantasy is a bigger loss for the industry because it actually sold weed, but the demise of Sensi is regrettable.  Lot of memories there.  Damn it all.

thats a bummer cj

Man Im sorry to see this go, I loved this wee place, usually had a few plants growing on the window ledge and the staff where always friendly and helpfull.

Homegrown Fantasy gone now aswell?  That was another favorite of mine, used to stay in the Citadel hotel which is close by.  Last time I was there my Da came with me and a few mates, we was having a blast on the volcano when my Da started getting the mates to squeeze the bag so he could get all the vapor at once the greedy **** lol, well he coughed his lungs up, we had a good laugh at him  

oh crap..bad news about Sensi it was lovely in the summer by the windows...even worse about HGF.  I didn't spend a lot of time there but you did see some different strains at HGF from time to time, another license gone

Home Grown Fantasy lease runs out March 31, 2009.
One of my favorite all time places.

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