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We all have our favourites and it seems the same old keep topping lists but what about under-rated coffeeshops.

I'd go for Paradox as the goodies have always been consistantly good and the food/drink have always been nice and good value.

Basjoes is another one even though I've only been once it doesn't seem to get too many mentions even though thats changed recently.

Finally I'm going to say Katsu's even though everyone who goes usually only says good things it doesn't (imo) get the recognition it deserves.

my little under rated shop is city hall... i have found some great herb in that place.. and they have many brand name strains usually... unfortunately they normally have pre - weighed bags .. but the herb is still fresh and quite tasty... friendly owner as well...

and they used to sell booze in there too... something i quite enjoyed..

cool thread boner...cheers

my favourite CS is Mellow Yellow. not many people seem to make the way to it, even thought its not hard to reach or far away from the center, still many people dont make it to that great shop. I love my little "Candyshop" with its fruity and exotic weed strains at fair prices, the hot chocolate with cream for 3€ and always a friendly dealer and cool people hanging around in there. if I could choose a shop to work in, it would be Mellow Yellow!

Shady, I'm a fan of MY it's been one of the shops I always visit.

Boner wrote:
Shady, I'm a fan of MY it's been one of the shops I always visit.

once visited, you can be nothing else than a fan of this is so nice, i never ever experienced something bad in there. the dutch locals who sit there never look at us with a bad attitude. you arrive at the shop and you feel comfortable already. its such a great atmosphere in there
i love to hang out there after a hard day in amsterdams shopping-miles and other things you can visit, its just perfect.

i'd like to say that Rusland is quite underrated.  the decor / wall murals are fantastic.  the stoner kitty they have is awesome.  the gear is decent and the have a volcano.  they are also one of the older shops in the city so they have lasted and bad shops usually don't last too long.
Dr Gonzo

Have to say Coffeeshop Saint......  I loved their hash menu and hash milkshakes.

I also have a sof spot for Kadinsky, more for their space products though.

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