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yellow cab at grey area

anyone know which seed bank puts this strain out? cant find it associated with dna genetics online? sagarmartha maybe?

i dont think anybody..

i think its a grey area special ... i have never seen it in seed form from anyone.. unless its from a real small breeder i have never heard of.


some had rumored it to be Cinderella99 from Brothers Grim but thats wrong.

not sure who breeds it.

i know that "Chef Ra" of High Times worked for the "Yellow Cab Company"..... wonder if its a "tribute strain" ?

a quick yahoo search didn't yield much but I found this one interesting article...

Amigula Inc. Company Profile
Amigula has high hopes for the pain-relieving properties of its leafy product. Under a license from the Canadian government, Amigula grows and distributes medical cannabis under such strains as AK-47, Bubble Gum, and Yellow Cab. The company also offers kief, or resin crystals, as a high-potency, low-tar THC option. Amigula customers are patients authorized to use marijuana to alleviate pain, nausea, and lack of appetite caused by illness or chemotherapy. The company has begun to develop fertilizers as well. Amigula also controls 51% of Medical Cannabis, a marijuana firm.

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