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Your Favorite Time of Year to Vacation in Amsterdam

So what is your favorite time of year to spend in Amsterdam and why?

In past trips I've stayed in March, April, September & November... it's always been a bit on the grey and cold side and usually damp so I'd very much like to visit in the height of summer when all the trees and flowers are in full bloom... I think that would make for a really relaxing and pleasant stay... hence I vote for June through August

i have visited in october, february and may... may was definetely the nicest in terms of being able to park your ass on a terace and smoke away and walk through parks etc....

but i also really like how quiet february is... i find its a much more personal experience with shop owners and waitresses and such.

sometimes it snows, sometimes it pisses down. ive even seen the sun a few times. dont care when i go as long as i do.

I very much like being in Amsterdam the week after the Cup.  

    Plenty of quality product to be found

    Less crowded

    No "guilt" from sitting in a coffeeshop window passing the afternoon as there might be on a warm sunny day

    Lots of interesting activity with the locals getting ready for Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet

    Less costly

hahaha I like the grouping around april...must be the company and not just the weather.

Have been there in Feb., April and May
May of 06 was beautiful weather, but have to agree with Redye on this one
. I voted for April because of the people I met,  even though I did have some health problems the first few days.

I voted for April also, I find that the middle of summer is just a little bit too busy, especially around Centrum, RLD etc. I love it in the spring time when the trees along all the canals are starting to grow their leaves back - that's the best time for me to get my smoke on and have a wander round the City.

Summer. On the campsite at Vliegenbos. For three weeks with no rush to return.

Kind of conflicts with my employment these days.
Dr Gonzo

I'd need two votes..... May Through June!

I like it anytime of the it be in October, December, or April.


I've been in Jan, Feb, April, May, Sept, Nov & Dec and I can think of plus points for all but if I had to choose then it would be April through May simply because I can't think of a better place to celebrate my birthday.

i seem to really enjoy february .. just because everything is not very busy.. and i get a more personal touch on everything...

but i must say when i went in may the trees and parks and everything was much prettier... also its nice being able to sit on a terrace and have a few pints and such..

and i must agree boner.. although im sure we can all find plus points for anytime of the year as long as were in amsterdam right.. haha


I'd like to visit in the spring.
travelling high

I went in February for my first trip and enjoyed it tremendously.Not crowded,great weed all around and it was much cheaper than going during peak season.

we got lucky with our weather tho TH... its not always that warm...

actually near the end of my trip it started to get a bit cold here and there..but it still didnt rain very much

but at the beginning of february.. it was hot and sunny . i was loving life

My wifes birthday is the 1st of Feb and we have been quite a few times during and have seen every type of weather going snow, wind, rain & sun.
travelling high

None of that weather bothers me a bit.I don't let it hinder my fun time.Hell I live in Detroit so the weather there is no odder than it is here.Plus the lighting of the weed keeps me warm..LOL..      

The weather doesn't bother me either TH but the rain feels wetter and colder when you're walking around Amsterdam than at home, can't beat Amsterdam on a nice hot sunny day.

i think it would be cool to see snow in amsterdam..

hell we just got 3 feet of snow in over the weekend.. literally... that is no joke.

snowbanks are higher than the trucks and shit now...

and boner... yeah nothing beats sitting on a terrace smoking a nice joint and having a nice beer... with the sun beating down on you and people everywhere
travelling high

Next time I go I will make it a trip during the summer to see how it is.But I am sure it would be much more fun in the sun.I may not be back there for a bit as it is extremely expensive for us that have low valued money  My next port of call will be in Jamaica.

Dead of summer was the best time I went, without question, though you definitely pay extra for those perfect July and August days at Zandvoort beach.  Best values are late fall and early spring, when you can find winter airfares and hotel rates without (maybe) winter temperatures.

Travelling High -- west side here.
The poet

Since 2004 I've mostly been going during the summer months, largely due to the warm weather and the fun vibes. Also because I'm a touch too old to do the Spanish/Greek island summer holiday thing nowadays.
Dr Gonzo

I go in June......... and May, It's usually warm but fresh..... with a swing either way.

I'm not keen on smoking when it's sweltering..... I much prefer to be inside when the weather is like that.

I like summer the best. It seems like there are more people out and about. I like to sit at one of the outdoor tables in Leidseplein, have a cold Heinenken and watch the world go by.

Xmas for me.
No chavs decorating  their houses with cheap lights and stuff.

sonicblue wrote:
I like summer the best. It seems like there are more people out and about. I like to sit at one of the outdoor tables in Leidseplein, have a cold Heinenken and watch the world go by.

Throw is a nice hash buzz with the sunlight bouncing off the windows everywhere, and that is heavenly.

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