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Is Amsterdam Losing it's Touch ??
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PostPosted: 11 Dec 2009 01:08 am    Post subject:  Reply with quote

Dr. Jim sez

When I first discovered Amsterdam it was very much a novelty, Disneyland for adults. But like Disneyland after 8 or 9 visits its lost a bit of luster for me I regret to say.

+1, Dr. Jim.

For me, there are no more surprises to be found.  No kidding, I have been in most of the coffeeshops that are worthy, and I stopped seeing how high I could get two trips ago.  

The novelty of being able to go from shop to shop and sample the gear, for first-second-third timers is impossible to describe until one has experienced it.  But I have now been 17 times (yep), and frankly I'm a little tired of it.

I ain't braggin', but -

1. I don't need a map, anywhere. Even way out past the usual tourist spots.
2. I give directions routinely.
3. I can get anywhere I want to go without even thinking about it for the most part.
4. I have run out of places to explore.
5. etc etc etc

A big part of it is being in love with the SPIRIT of the place, but folks, I need to branch out.  My eyes are turned east.  Prague and Krakow will be my next targets.  I might even go to Krakow first. Don't really care about the weed scene, I just want to discover the city and what it has to offer.  

I'm fine with Czech beer, really :-)  If someone offers a puff, I'll take it.

Don't know about Polish beer, but I'll bet I can find something worthy.

Disclaimer: the next section of my dissertation is not a lecture, and is not directed to anyone in particular :-)

If you are merely wandering around a small limited area, seeing how high you can get, you are really missing a lot of what the Dam has to offer.  Don't be afraid, get the hell out there and see what's up.

Try this: get some of the finest weed you can find (shouldn't be too hard, it is Amsterdam after all), put on a nice little two toke buzz with your coffee in the morning, and get out one of those guide books and take one of the recommended walks.  That's what I have done, time and time again.

IOW, I have lately used the fine weed to enhance a discovery process, rather seeing how high I can get.  That's how I roll the last year or so (except when I torched DH with the iceoloator laced Cheese joint outside of 420, sorry dude, but I might let my hair down on April 20th just for old time's sake :-).  

But that's just me, YMMV, and I offer this merely as an alternative Amsterdam experience.  Hell, when you're done sightseeing, get fucking torched.  It's not like ole Lafester hasn't done it plenty of times.

I do understand the 'get as high as you can get' mentality, though.  Particularly since I did it so much.  My mate and I were sitting at Bushdoctor on Thorbeckplein last year about this time and the budtender said 'hey man, why do you Americans get so fucking high over here?'.

I replied "it's like starving people found a smorgasbord".  He said, "well that makes sense now".
It's pronounced "laif", with a looong 'a'.
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PostPosted: 15 Dec 2009 05:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

DoctorJim wrote:
Hey the invite is open anytime you want to come to Canada. The scenery is outstanding, the beer is cold, and the girls are hot.

Is that an open invite?, I plan to visit Vansterdam soon. (well.... with in a year)  And I like cold beer!  

" I use to get high on life until I realized life is cut with morons "
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